White label

I provide design and development services to other website, marketing, and website-related companies

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Some website and marketing companies hire me on a contract basis to work under their branding. Here are some of the services that I’ve provided to small and mid-sized businesses.

Is something simply broken?

Sometimes something is broken and you may not know the cause or what solutions can help most. I’ve helped other businesses find the source of their broken website issues and I’ve provided the help they’ve needed to address the problem.

Switching platforms

I’ve helped businesses to move sites off of drag-and-drop page builder platforms over to WordPress. Moving a site to a new platform is complicated and time consuming. This is never a simple task.

Website, domain and email hosting set-up

Sites are safer and easier to manage when the domain name and email is hosted separately from the website. A lot of new businesses sign up with website hosts that offer to include a domain name and hosted email. This can cause a plethora of issues for websites. I can help you separate these and get your various services more secure.

Updated software conflicts

Did your website host change something and now your website is broken? I’ve helped bring other websites back to a more up-to-date and functional state. If you’re website host is updating the software that runs your website and you’re concerned about whether your site can handle the changes, let me know.

Performance optimizations

Is your site really slow to load? Do customers give up on mobile devices? I can provide you with recommendations to help get your site up-to-speed. Fast loading websites have better SEO and better conversion rates.

Accessibility testing and recommendations

Are you concerned about growing legal battles and changing accessibility laws. I can help you sort out where your site needs to make improvements to get your site working for more people.