Ontario Federation of Agriculture

The OFA is the largest member-based farm
organization in Ontario, Canada.

Ontario Federation of Agriculture - Front Page

The OFA website came with some requirements that made working on this website a unique challenge. They have a large membership base for a Canadian organization, and a complicated list of technical requirements that made the site a challenge to create. They also have in-house employees who also work on the site, so a lot of meetings and collaborations happen while creating new features.

Searchable, sortable and filterable articles

Several sections of the website required some custom functionality that enabled visitors to search, sort and filter through various articles and files in the system.

Member login

This site has a custom login and registration page. This allowed me to better control the design and functionality as well as to add some custom integrations that were required.

Website accessibility compliance

There are various accessible features of this site. Since I am not the only person who works on the website, I can’t vouch for everything. That said, the site can be navigated fully with a keyboard. The colours all have strong contrast with the background, usually passing WCAG AAA. The text is large by default and he site can zoom to 200% without obscuring information.

API integrations

Several areas of the site incorporate different APIs. Some of the sections are password protected so I can’t go into detail, but the site uses maps, weather, and other services to add to the experience for members and staff.