This higher-ed program for therapists and coaches
provides training in equine-supported trauma recovery.

A screenshot of the EQUUSOMA front page

This website has evolved over the years and is now in the process of transitioning from in-person courses into a fully online system. Moving courses online has come with some complications, since this isn’t a new program. Since this has been offered for years so far, it’s a system that needs to be adapted instead of something that can be set up as instructed “on the package”.

Getting control of the data

The first stage of this was moving the student info off of one person’s computer and over to an online spreadsheet that allowed for collaboration. Something that helped to automate some of the data management was needed as well. Airtable worked well for this purpose. It also has an API that can communicate with the course software. This way we can visualize the students progress is various formats.

Zoom integration with online courses

Because these courses are transitioning from live to online, we are taking an intermediary step of integrating zoom. This allows us to layout the courses in the system without having to fully move to a recorded and edited video format.

Student login account

I was able to leverage the customer account area of WooCommerce to create a central profile account for the students. They can view their course progress, view other orders from the shop, enroll in new courses, download certificates, update their contact information, and continue studying all from one place.

This is all still a work in progress and I expect it to continue to evolve over the next couple of years.