Privacy-focussed care

“Privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be.”

– Edward Snowden.

Upgrade your care plan to prove to your customers that their privacy is your top priority! The privacy-focussed care plan includes everything in On‑going care, plus a privacy policy and privacy-focussed analytics.

The privacy policy will be provided by a company run, in part, by a woman who is a licensed attorney and is an expert in privacy and international law.

Analytics will be provided by a Canadian company that doesn’t compromise visitor privacy for data and is an excellent alternative to Google.

All privacy-focussed care sites will include self-hosted fonts.

Recommendations can be given to privacy-focussed email hosting providers, if requested.

Another added benefit is that sites set up with privacy-focussed care often do not require pop-up cookie banners.