Heather Gray. Freelance Website Developer

Heather Gray, Website Developer

As a freelance website developer specializing in WordPress, I have been helping small businesses and community groups across Canada find website solutions to meet their growing needs. I work personally with clients on all aspects of their website and ease the burden of managing their website after launch.

Fast, clean and straight-forward
websites attract more visitors.

I am detail-oriented and have a knack for the creative, technical work required for a website developer. With over 10 years experience, I have cultivated an expertise in working with WordPress especially. I can create themes and plugins from scratch, which allows me to ensure that the code is written cleanly and accurately, and meets WordPress Coding and aoda Accessibility Standards. All of your website software can then be easily updated, kept secure and can be streamlined for speedier load times. It is my chief objective to ensure that everything is safe and operating as intended, prior to launch.

I am always learning. The web changes at a rapid pace and so, it is important to me to keep my website development skills current. To accomplish this I read extensively on web design, typography, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, git, accessibility, and website security. I also attend WordPress conferences multiple times per year, in order to meet other users and developers and to learn and share ideas. As with most hands-on skills, the best web development techniques are honed with practice.

My goal is to create a website for you
that helps your business flourish.

Being a freelance website developer, I have had the opportunity to develop websites using various hosting services and can provide educated help in finding a hosting solution that is a good fit for your site. Website hosting is best explored on a case by case basis, because different organizations have different needs.

What’s next?

Once your website is ready for launch, there will be more work ahead. I have put together some packages to help ensure your website functions as intended. My On-Going Care Package provides subscriptions to important premium plug-ins, crucial back-ups, updates and site security monitoring, so you won’t be left stranded.

To see how all of this translates into actual designs in the wild, explore my portfolio and discover the web development solutions that I have provided for other small businesses and community groups.

Envelope with a heart.

“Thank you so much for your guidance and patience during the creation of our website. There were so many little details and little ‘unknowns’ (on my part) and you were right on them, emailing back with the answer to all my queries. Much, much appreciated. We love our website and today I am going to launch it to friends and … supporters.”

—Thank-you. Shirley.