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OFA · Portfolio

Site: Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Platform: WordPress

Features: Bespoke design, speed enhancements, ajax live search, ajax sorting and filtering, api integrations for weather & membership sections, member login with security features, parallax, scroll-reveal & custom animations, self-hosted fonts, enhanced accessibility features, encrypted secure server.

Concordo · Portfolio

Site: Concordo

Platform: WordPress

Features: Bespoke design, custom logo, screen size responsiveness, premium fonts, compression and caching speed enhancement, back-up and security add-ons, cross-browser tested, encrypted secure server.                                                                            

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Heather Gray, Website Developer

Hello! I am Heather Gray, a freelance web developer and designer. I live and work in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. For almost 15 years, I’ve been creating websites with gripping designs that intrigue visitors. Customizing WordPress to create accessible websites is my specialty.

I believe in clear designs, captivating
content and lighter work loads.

I began working with WordPress in 2008 because it’s a platform that most of my clients are already familiar with and the back-end is easy to use and customizable. Also, WordPress has a massive plug-in and theme repository, and is such a flexible a platform, chances are the feature you want for your website has already been built, and can simply be dropped-in to reduce development costs. I attend WordPress conferences and am always studying in order to keep my knowledge of the best themes, plugins, hosting packages, and my WordPress standards and skills up-to-date.

I provide you not only with the information you need to maintain your site after launch, but I also try to make it easier for you to do so. Or if you like, check out my On-going Care package. I can monitor your site, provide minor updates and run routine back-ups to ensure that your site is performing well and is kept secure.

Running a business takes a lot of care and effort. Are there tasks you’d like to offload? Areas where your business could use a boost? Let’s connect! I’d love to hear how I can help make your life easier.

I build websites that work:

  • for all types of devices
  • for all kinds of visitors
  • for business owners with limited website experience
  • for business owners with limited time
  • by following security best-practices
  • with quick load times
  • with designs tailored for your needs
  • to respect your visitor’s privacy
  • with modern interfaces
  • by following SEO best-practices


Recently, I’ve had some excellent opportunities to discuss the topics that I specialize in with others.

Heather Gray presenting at WordCamp Hamilton, Ontario.

Recent Events & Articles

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“Heather Gray is a computer genius! She guided me with patience and expertise through the designing of my website. I am so thrilled with her work and continue to have an ongoing relationship with her in order to access her ideas, knowledge and wisdom of computer language and technology. I highly recommend working with Heather from Tread Lightly!
You won’t be disappointed.”

—Heather Hale
Envelope with a heart indicating a testimonial.

“Thank you so much for your guidance and patience during the creation of our website. There were so many little details and little ‘unknowns’ (on my part) and you were right on them, emailing back with the answer to all my queries. Much, much appreciated. We love our website and today I am going to launch it to friends and … supporters.”

—Thank-you. Shirley.