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Dare to design differently

It’s our differences that help us stand out. Let’s create a website experience that unapologetically represents your business so that it not only works
but resonates.

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“Inclusive design doesn’t mean you’re designing one thing for all people. You’re designing a diversity of ways to participate so that everyone has a sense of belonging.”

— Susan Goltsman
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Dream Big

Attract attention

You want your website to welcome as many people as possible. And yet, people are diverse. We can’t expect something that meets the needs for one person to work for everyone. So what do we do?

Websites that work well meet four criteria. They are:

  • Perceivable,
  • Operable,
  • Understandable, and
  • Robust

If we aim to meet these goals in most situations, we can be confident that all visitors will feel warmly welcomed.

As if, this website was built for them, almost personally.

Pace yourself

Time & care build longevity

Websites are complicated. If it’s simple to navigate, it doesn’t mean that it was simple to build. If it was simple to build, it doesn’t mean it’s robust. You don’t actually want your website build to be rushed.

Websites have a lot of moving pieces: language, colours, fonts, imagery, code, impact, interfaces, experiences. If all of the finer details are set correctly, it can make your site last longer and perform better.

Your website needs to act quickly but you don’t. It’s far more important that your website is accessible, secure, sustainable, ethical, clear and fast and light to load, than it is that it was quick to build out.

Take a moment. Grab a cup of coffee. Breathe.

Let’s get this right.

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Heather Gray, Website Developer in Ontario, Canada

Who even am I?

Hello! I’m Heather Gray.

My pronouns are she/her. I help diverse clients by creating experiences that are a pleasure for visitors to navigate. I live and work in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and I’ve been building websites, usually with WordPress, for over 15 years.

Your brand should make a clear and lasting impression on all visitors to your website. Making that happen takes expertise in technical fields that are always changing. I spend time working diligently on websites and learning about better, more sustainable website development practices each and every day.

I’ll provide you with a fast, secure and easy to navigate website, that’s comfortable to read. You could take the time to learn this, or you can focus on following your passion, and leave the tricky tech to me.

Who I’ve Helped

Ontario Federation of Agriculture
NONA Vegan
EQUUSOMA: Horse-Human Trauma Recovery
Fat Quarter


Making a difference

Every business is different with a wide variety of goals and ambitions. In order to provide the best solution for your needs, I need know all about your business.

For best results, it’s important that we take these steps together:

  • We meet and you tell me more about your business and your needs.
  • I create some design concepts for your approval and we discuss and revise them.
  • I create a website tailored to your business.
  • Now we can launch your site with confidence!

After launch, it’s important to continue to care for your website to keep it secure and up-to-date.

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“Heather is amazing! I had a vision for a passion project and Heather helped me flush it out, then customized a WordPress theme to make it a stunningly beautiful reality. She accomplished all this while guiding me through the process, always maintaining clear communication and answering all my questions in easy-to-understand language.

What would have taken me months took a matter of weeks — and I know it’s done right. Can’t wait to get back to writing.
Thanks, Heather!”

— Allison Smith
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