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Heather Gray, Website Developer

I am Heather Gray, a freelance web developer and designer and owner of Tread Lightly Website Development & Design. I live and work in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Over the past 10+ years, I have been creating websites with gripping designs that intrigue visitors. I am proficient in css, php, JQuery, JavaScript, and html, and I specialize in WordPress.

I believe in clean designs, captivating
content and lighter work loads.

Running a business takes a lot of care and effort. Are there tasks you’d like to offload? Areas where your business could use a boost? Please, email me! I’d love to hear how I can help make your life easier.

Some areas where I can help you:

  • Responsiveness to various screen sizes
  • Clarifying the editing area
  • Accessibility
  • App integration (MailChimp, PayPal etc.)
  • Animating
  • Automating back-ups
  • Designs made-to-order
  • Speed improvements
  • Security features
  • SEO
  • Customizing Forms
  • & more